In The Parish of Kingswinford, St. Mary



Who can have a Christian funeral?

Anyone who lives in Kingswinford can have their funeral conducted by either Revd. Giles or one of the parish's lay readers. They do not need to have been a regular churchgoer.

Revd. Giles can conduct a funeral service either in the parish church or at the crematorium. Simply ask the undertaker to arrange this.

How do I book a funeral?

The undertaker will arrange a date for the funeral with Revd. Giles and give him your name and phone number. Revd. Giles will then phone you and arrange to see you.

How do I make sure the funeral isn't impersonal?

It is important that the funeral of your loved one reflects the person you remember. At your meeting, Revd. Giles will ask you about them, their life and what you remember as special about them. If there are particular readings or music that they liked, or that you want to remember them by, then these can be included in the service.

Graveyards and Monuments

St. Mary's has a graveyard that is still in use. If you have questions about the church graveyards or monuments please click here

What if I need more help?

Just contact the rectory or an undertaker