In The Parish of Kingswinford, St. Mary


Pentecost is the church's birthday! And this is how the Christian Church began...

After Easter Jesus stayed with his friends for a little while. Then he went back to heaven to be with God.
Before he went away Jesus told his friends they had an important job to do for him.

They had to tell everyone about God and the wonderful things God does.
They had to show everyone how to make God's world a wonderful place.

Jesus knew his friends needed help to do this once he'd gone so he gave them a special gift.

On the day called Pentecost his Holy Spirit filled up his friends and made them strong and brave.
In the bible we read what this spirit is like.

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Jesus started with 12 friends but today 1/3 of all the people in the world are Christians.
Christianity is bigger than any other religion and it all began when Jesus' friends felt brave at Pentecost and started doing what God wanted.