In The Parish of Kingswinford, St. Mary


What do Christians mean when they say Jesus is their king?
What sort of king is Jesus?

Jesus isn’t a typical history king like Henry VIII
or a bible king like Herod or even King David.

When Jesus was arrested the Romans said “We don’t understand, people say you are their king. Why do they want to kill you? What have you done?”

Jesus replied: “I’m not the sort of king people can understand.
I’m here to show how the world could be a better place.
I’m the type of king who wants a world where people don’t fight
and hurt other people.
I want a world where people care for one another.

Anyone who lives as God wants has me as their king.”

Today Jesus is with God in heaven but Christians believe that one day he will come back and rule all the world as that sort of king.