In The Parish of Kingswinford, St. Mary


Dear Friends,

The empowerment of the disciples from on high is what this time of year is all about, in our lectionary. The first great festival was of the Ascension of Jesus to become the universal Christ, present in all times and places to redeem and save us from death. The second is Pentecost, the gift of God's spirit filling the disciples with heavenly fire to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ. Then, early in June, comes Trinity where we worship and celebrate the newly understood Godhead -- three in one, Father, Son and Holy Spirit -- eternally flowing into each other and eternally flowing through each of us disciples.

It is a time when God's kingdom becomes apparent to the Apostles as they walk in it, yet still walk on earth. The kingdom is always NOW and also arriving. The Apostles see that they have grown up to become fellow builders of the Kingdom of Christ. We too have grown up and we walk in the power of the Trinity, building God's Kingdom in our own day. We are Christ's hands on earth and we wait on his glorious return. So we are located in time and space and in relation to God.

After Trinity there is an intake of breath as we wait on what comes next? And that is the point; it is up to us because we are the workers. Christ works through us and the Spirit. If we do nothing then nothing will happen. The Kingdom will not be built. We are at one and the same time very powerful and very vulnerable; both rich and poor. So huge a task and we so small.

What are we to do? Quite simply, be faithful to Jesus' commands to love God and love neighbour. To proclaim Jesus to everyone and to baptise them into his family of the church. Our churches are the roots where we gather to worship and re-energise in order to go out and tell others about Christ; to tell the stories of Jesus and to 'be' Jesus in how we care for and love others.

We are called to be kingdom builders and we will continue in Christ's work in this place. If we have new challenges to face then I believe that God has a purpose in them and that it will all ultimately all lead to His Glory.

With love